1. Sneakers

I don't know that I had a clear vision for the song from the start. I woke up at 3 o'clock in the morning and wrote the melody for the chorus. We had a huge fight about the outro of the song, but ended up chopping it out and rewriting most of it. After we made the first cut it all kind of started to fall in place. I'd say this is my favorite one to play live, it just grooves.


I'm looking out but she's lookin' in
She asks me where my mind has run away this time
A thousand people in a downtown submarine
Too tired to bother she said you know what I mean

I'm giving up instead of going down
or even sideways if you wanna mess around
But I can't hear another word
With all this time our wine has changed to vinegar

Pre Chorus

Because I'm a fool for you
and there's nothing I can do
I just keep on waiting
For these new kicks to get old
I can't go home
Cause my heart has turned to stone
I just keep on waiting
For these new kicks to get old

Thought you'd get away but I found out
It's not the first time but it just might be the last
I won't mind if all my pieces fall in place
But for some reason there's a thought I can't erase