TAKE A LOOK AROUND: by The Inoculated Canaries
Bring me your poor your desperate deprived
And I'll show you something that kept me alive
Hello is the only word to fight the loneliness you feel
I went down to the church to see if preacher could help me find
Something to believe in
But he charged me a dime
So I made up my mind and went on home
To my bottle of jack and my bathroom floor
I went down to the bank to see if I had enough to run away to
Where nobody would know that I'm no one
But they sent me away
The moneys all gone
Moneys all gone
its not about riches or a god in the sky
its so damn easy to be disenfranchised
So slow down
Take a look around
Take a look around
Down and out
Seems like nobody cares if you're even there
You're alone
With nowhere to go and no one to go with
You're on your own
Take a look around
Take a look around